The Program of the Fifth Inverse Days in Oulu

Friday, 10th December 1999,
Auditorium KE1139
9.30-9.40 Opening
9.40-10.05 Vladimir Sharafutdinov: Spectral rigidity of Anosov manifolds
10.10-10.35 Sari Mäenpää: White noise as a priori

11.00-11.25 Johanna Tamminen: Gas profile retrieval from stellar occultation measurements
11.30-11.55 Harri Auvinen: Inversion algorithms for OSIRIS satellite instrument

13.00-13.25 Matti Lassas: On determining 2-dimensional Riemannian manifold from the Dirichlet-to-Neumann mapping
13.30-13.55 Erkki Somersalo: Structural priori information in inverse problems
14.00-14.25 Päivi Vauhkonen: Errors due to the model truncation in 3D EIT

15.00-15.25 Ville Kolehmainen: Boundary estimation in Optical Tomography
15.30-15.55 Keijo Ruotsalainen: On a geometric inverse problem for heat equation
16.00-16.25 Arto Voutilainen: A non-homogeneous regularization method for the estimation of narrow size distributions
16.30-16.55 Samuli Siltanen: Electrical impedance tomography and Nachman's method

DINNER (at 19.00 in Restaurant Huviretki in Hotel Cumulus on Kajaaninkatu 17)
Saturday, 11th December 1999,
Auditorium L7
9.30-9.55 Andrey Osipov: On some remarks concerning the simulation of stationary Gaussian processes
10.00-10.25 Jukka Liukkonen: Complex Riemannian metric and absorbing boundary conditions
10.30-10.55 Aku Seppänen: Fluid dynamics and state estimation in EIT
11.00-11.25 Markku Lehtinen: GUMMO project - development of priori distributions for function-valued inversion problems

12.00-12.25 Elena Kozlovskaya: An algorithm of geophysical data inversion based on non-probabilistic presentation of a priori information and definition of Pareto-optimality
12.30-12.50 Samuli Siltanen: Industrial X-ray tomography at Instrumentarium Imaging
12.50-13.15 Thomas Kolehmainen: Identification of Acoustic Boundary Conditions as an Inversion Problem
13.20-13.30 Discussion and closing

LUNCH (at 14.00 in Vietnamese Restaurant Huong Duong on Asemakatu 26)

Location of the Auditoriums